Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24th 2012 (my 29th birthday...for the 16th year)

So this year when I turned 29...
I made the decision to celebrate my birthday month! I would love each day to it's fullest, I would eat coconut cake at least once a week and I would do something extra-ordinary! Let's just say...I feel like I lived up to the promise I made to myself!

She started the month out by hosting Tim Holtz and Teresa Collins at She Scrapbooks and in between those 2 amazing artists, Yvonne and I snuck in The Collins Group Show in Orlando where we learned and shared and laughed and made amazing new friends!

Coconut cake has been eaten each week and my behind is beginning to show it! :}

I discovered that I say the word A-MAZING A-LOT

I spent an amazing (there it is again) night with the Ohh Sexxy Girlfriends (OSG for short) and we once again had an evening of "wet your pants" laughs! Our alter egos even had a blast...K's passed out in her daquari and mine went face first into the banana split sundae (quite fitting).

I stopped and let go...and along the way discovered that I am leading a truly blessed life...Let Go and Let God! He has put into my life some of the most....wait for it....Amazing people! I couldn't have hand selected a funny, more inspiring and truly beautiful group of ladies and men to surround myself with!

Life changing events happen everyday...I've opened my eyes and found that life is just A-frickin-MAZING!

Livin' it and Lovin' it'

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Year of ENDS!

I've dubbed this year, "the year of ends"! Let me explain...
Wesley ends his:
high school years
marching band hoorah and MMPA's
concert band and MPA's
try outs for honors band
Buffalo Beat Cafe's
Villages Music Awards
need to have his saxophone fixed every other week
attending Friday night football games and that feeling of pride when your son marches on the field for the pre game or half time show!
high school drama
long talks about why school uniforms are a good thing
wondering whether he has money in his lunch account
being a young adult. He's now 18...I guess that makes him an adult???

Pickles ends leading a normal dog life and begins his dog on Chemo life

Jacob ends living in North Carolina 
Crystal ends living in North Carolina
Peyton ends being one 

Peyton, slow down how fast you are growing up...Geema wants more time with your infant self!

The year of ends! 

There will be new beginnings, that I am sure of...but I liked the old "ends" and I'm not ready to give up both my boys to being young men!

Friday, February 10, 2012

So it's been awhile...

here goes 8 months of updates...

Peyton turned one last July. We celebrated her birthday here in FL with family,friends and lots of birthday presents!

Peyton and Breanna share the same we also celebrated Breanna's 16th birthday

House addition and pool remodel are finally complete...needless to say, neither were done in time for Peyton or Breanna's birthday parties...

Wesley began his senior year of high where has the time gone? We spent much of our fall days and nights following the VHS Marching Band and Color Guard. They always put on a spectacular show and their sounds will continue to be music to my ears!

Crystal started Artistic Images Photography in NC and has taken some pretty awesome photos for many families

Jacob stepped up to anew position and earned his Airman First Class rank. He leaves later this year for Korea

She Scrapbooks relocated to a larger store in The Villages...we miss Lake Sumter Landing but we love our larger-new home in La Plaza Grande Shopping Center.

More of life's details later...till then, follow me on FB, Pinterest and subscribe to the She Scrapbooks Newsletter on our blog